19 July 2008


What am I saying? Our brothers and sisters and AntiGravity are already out there. But they are expanding their operations by adding free news machines to the mix. NoLA Rising provided paint for their 4th Anniversary party where two newsstand machines were painted by drunken-party goers. The remaining three were delivered to NoLA Rising world headquarters right here in sunny New Orleans to be custom painted much to their readerships' delight.

In a rare interview, NoLA Rising spokesperson said, "This particular machine that will distribute free papers to the masses is designed by ReX, who modified one of Kandinsky's circles and replicated the crap out of it. Keep your eye on the streets...it will be hitting your neighborhood soon." Two more machines are in the works at NoLA Rising studios done by other local artists. Both the machines and the artist will be revealed upon completion.

Title: Robot boy wears a Kandinsky Inspired Dreamcoat

Antigravity News Stand

Antigravity News Stand

Antigravity News Stand
-ReX admits to getting carried away with a new marker on the "face" of this machine

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  1. way cool MD!!!!

    Hope fred don't see em!