30 July 2008

The NoLA Rising Paint Party - The Dog Days of Summer - FYYFF!

On July 26th, NoLA Rising held its paint party for the summer. A large number of pieces were made and will be donated to good New Orleans causes, fund-raisers and non-profits. Those of us at NoLA Rising who organized everything would like to thank everyone who came out and was an active part...without you, it wouldn't be an event. And without you, it wouldn't be New Orleans.


On the day of the paint party, LOKI from Humid City came by to pick up an assortment of artwork for the Ashley Morris Memorial event. The artwork they picked up was auctioned off to raise money for the cause. For more information, see the posting below.

The following picture is a sampling of the artwork donated to the Ashley Morris Memorial Foundation for the FYYFF! event at One Eyed Jacks

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  1. Here is another group of people putting their hearts, minds and artwork together for New Orleans:http://nonprofitshoppingmall.com/people-who-care/global-green-usa.

    The artists for New Orleans are amazing and so is the fact that you can shop+give to Global Green's NOLA rebuild project.