06 August 2008

8-8-08 with Section 8 / Schiro's in the Marigny

That's right kids...the end of the summer is rapidly approaching and all I got left in me is a whimper as a protest to the heat. Fear not, it's what really makes us better people down here (or maybe that's the food or the music or the art). Ramble ramble...this Friday night, 8-8-08, come join the festivities at the Dragon's Den where Section 8, Defend New Orleans and NoLA Rising have joined forces. In the back courtyard, NoLA Rising will take over with a late night/all night painting party to add to the coffers of art for our upcoming show/sale of artwork to benefit a lucky New Orleans public school art teacher. More on that later...grab your gear and get to painting this town red!


BUT, if you are in to a more subdued evening, we have back-up plans for early Saturday night. At Schiro's in the Marigny, there will be an art showing featuring the likes of Steve Whatstyle, Lance Vargas, Mardi Claw, Gary Perez, Rex Dingler, Dr. BOB, Lord David, Amie Davis and Scott Mosely. Come and join us and enjoy the neighborhood.


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