16 August 2008

We Won't Forget Jessica Hawk - A City Full of Hearts

To all of our neighbors and friends, if you knew Jessica, go to her friend's site that was set up this past week and honor the memory of a wonderful person, who came to our city because she loved it and believed in it. I won't dishonor her memory here and now by mentioning the ills of New Orleans, there will be time enough for that.

I call on everyone in her neighborhood and anyone passing through her neighborhood to honor her memory by placing a heart along the 3000 block of Chartres. It's time for us to show our love for a fallen sister in the belief of a better tomorrow.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A place in honor of our beloved friend Jessica Hawk who was murdered at her house in New Orleans. With this place we want to remember her so she can rest in peace knowing that many people loved her.

For Jessica's family all our love and support, we will do all we can so her life will not be forgotten and her death will not go unpunished.

Please if you have any information concerning Jessica's murder please call 5046585308 or 504 6585300. If you saw something or heard something Please do not hesitate to contact with us at these numbers.



Thanks to Ivonne for creating the site in Jessica's memory.


  1. Thank you so much for doing this, I am very sorry I did not reply on time, Jessica loved NOLA with all her heart and soul and it is very nice to find New Orlenians returning her back some of this love.

  2. Jessie or Jess as we have always called her was the best tennis partner I've ever had. She had a passion for tennis unlike any. Jess was my best friend all throughout highschool and beyond. We were doubles partners at Lebanon High School and played on league indoor 2 years after school. If it was'nt for Jessie Hawk, I would'nt have my son, Gage, for as she introduced me to my beatiful sons father. I will love her always and forget her never. I love you Jess
    Love Heather or as you always called me Hithar
    never forget you

  3. Thank you both for leaving comments about your friend. What a beautiful comment, Heather, and how fortunate of you to have such a wonderful gift of a son from your friendship with her.

  4. This is a complete nightmare for me and all of us. I will NEVER for get the wonderful times we had together, she was as close to a sister as i ever had. I lived with her in middletown for two years and we became very close. I was down in new orleans for the weekend of june 4-7 and we had a really good time. I'm so glad i was able to see her before all this madness. I LOVED HER SO MUCH and will NEVER EVER FORGET her till the day i die.

  5. Thank you Tim for leaving such a testimonial to a wonderful friend. Rest assured, it has deeply affected us as well.

  6. was wanting to know where Jessie's cat's are being placed. I know that would be her biggest worry right now is about them. so if anybody can give me any information on their wherabouts or if they need a home, i'm more than happy to care for them. they can not be placed in a shelter. please e-mail me if anyone knows anything about their placement. thanks

  7. Hi Heather- Have passed this on.


  8. Tim
    Could you please get in contact with the detective at his number 504-658-5300. Perhaps, there is some small event that might not have seemed important but might be another piece to the puzzle.