26 August 2008

Students of NoLA Rising at Mr. Chill's Barbershop

Avi BenBasat, President of the Students of NoLA Rising at Tulane University, was getting his regular head shave at Mr. Chill's Barbershop recently. He couldn't avoid noticing a menacing grey blotch on the side of business and struck up a conversation with Mr. Chill concerning the unsightly spot. It was then Avi learned that Mr. Chill neither gave permission for the grey spot, nor did he like it very much. While he said he wasn't too fond of the graffiti that was there before, he didn't see the purpose of the grey.

It was then that Avi had the idea that maybe he could work with a local Sherman Williams to try and color match the paint of the building. After procuring a sample, he brought the paint by Mr. Chills and worked with him in covering the unsightly grey graffiti. The promise of color matching fulfilled to nearest accuracy given the age of the building's paint job, Avi and Mr. Chill proved that the task could INDEED be completed. Good job on meaningful clean-up Avi!

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