10 January 2009

FlowerGuy in New Orleans

Flowerguy in New Orleans

New Orleans has been a very lucky city over the past year with a lot of famous artists coming to visit and leave their mark on New Orleans. We've had artists shipped in for Prospect1 and we've had some decide to come on their own. Some have come to hang out with friends and others have come make a statement. In August, we were honored to have Banksy; in November, we were graced with Swoon; and in December, we were privileged to have FlowerGuy (MDeFeo).

Flowerguy in New Orleans

FlowerGuy's artwork can be found in Amsterdam, New York, Barcelona, Chicago and Paris just to name a few places. To have him come to New Orleans and share his art with us is indeed an honor, thus Rex raises his glass and salutes FlowerGuy. Our city is always open to you!

Flowerguy in New Orleans

For more information, see MDefeo

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