12 January 2009


"Individual Freedom comes from self-determined activity" - Inspire

When time feels like it's dragging and I get the idea that I'm not doing enough, I begin to slow down and let my projects drag. It seems like a natural occurrence, especially when I can get disappointed by all the windmills I chase. You see, being a New Orleanian is a full time job and loving the city as I do, I want so much for things to be better. So when I'm feeling down, like most people, I need a little INSPIRATION.

One person I turn to is my friend INSPIRE who lives in Israel. He has done some amazing work turning abandoned buildings in Tel Aviv into art shows for artists all around the world. Mostly, he helps me see things with positive clarity and that inspires me to do more, to reach further, and to work on greater goals.

Recently, he's entered a new realm of life...Fatherhood.

Welcome to the World NOA AYA!

Inspire has put out two prints for sale to help pay for some of those baby bills and I can't help but share these prints with my friends. Take a look at the prints below and if you like, click on the links below to find out how to purchase them.

From Inspire:
First ever prints available from me are now being made! Buying everything babies need can get expensive...you should help a baby out.. Black and white organics blend to make these collaborations with Deadly Daisy.

High quality black and white 11.7 x 16.5in. prints of these two designs are available for $40...email me for inquiries: idiotthewise @ gmail.com

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