27 January 2009

New Orleans Citizens Against Crime - Sat, Jan 31st

To all NoLA Risers...we have a scourge across our city that evidently is not being handled by those charged with protecting us. It is time to form an association that allows the people to take back their streets. If you are tired of going to funerals of friends gunned down in the streets, if you are tired of malfeasance in office of those charged to protect us and if you are willing to do something about it...this meeting is for you! - ReX

See below::

NOCAC - New Orleans Citizens Against Crime, will hold a meeting Saturday, January 31st, at the Skull Club Alternative Gallery, in the Marigny, corner of Spain & Rampart Streets. Meeting to start at 3pm.

The purpose of this meeting is three fold:

1) To bring local citizens together with the intention of creating better contact, higher awarness of community action, and a forum in which those things can and will occur.

2) To collect and share information necessary to take action against crime, to contact and be heard by City Hall, the New Orleans City Council, the NOPD, and the use of citizen support programs, such as the Text Alert Service, recently implemented. For more information on the text service created by Andrea Garland, see HERE

3) To create a functioning model of a New Orleans Citizens Against Crime neighborhood group, with the hopes of members starting their own
independently run groups, throughout the City of New Orleans.

While initially designed to deal with crime in the 5th District, this meeting is open to all citizens of New Orleans, in the hope that attendees will take the information, and suggested model offered here, to their own immediate neighborhoods, and form independent NOCAC groups of their own.

This meeting is NOT open to City Officials, NOPD or the Organized Press. These institutions can & will be informed of any activities of interest once the platform for action is established. As citizens, we wish to exercise our right of assembly in a private setting, to discuss our situation.

For more information, contact us at: skull-club@cox.net

Lord David
Skull Club
New Orleans

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