02 August 2009

Burlesque 101 :: Classes by Bella of Fleur de Tease

As many of y'all know, here at NoLA Rising world headquarters, we like to support all things New Orleans. Dance and theater is no exception. Our city has always had a rich nightlife and one of the more enjoyable outlets that has been thriving again is the burlesque scene.

One such troupe in NoLA is Fleur de Tease and they describe themselves as such:

Fleur de Tease is a premiere Variety Burlesque Revue. This modern twist on a classic vaudeville show has something to please and tease every audience member. Magicians, fire eaters, comedians, aerialists and of course beautiful burlesque dancers all make up the core members of the troupe. Special guest artists such as sword swallowers, singers, and other circus acts make each show a unique and different experience so no two programs are ever the same. Please join us and be prepared to thrill your senses with the lovely burlesque beauties, the comedic cuties, and talented tricksters of Fleur de Tease.

But, how does this burlesque scene develop and how do the girls learn such seductive dance? For women in the city who are interested, where do they go to find out more? A Burlesque 101 class would answer most of those questions...

Every Thursday night at the Crescent Lotus (located at 3143 Calhoun) from 6:30 to 7:30, there are Burlesque classes for every skill level. No need to make a reservation as you can just show up for lessons. However, it's recommended you bring a pair of comfortable heels...pink sunglasses are obligatory...

And if you're unsure of going, on the group's facebook page, Bella says, "Most of the girls in the class have had little or no dance experience! Have no worries."

For more info: Burlesque 101 is designed for anyone and everyone to learn the sexy art of the tease. Class is only $10 per person and promises an amazing adventure into the world of burlesque every time. Call Bella at 504-912-1734 for more info.


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