18 August 2009

Priest Spams it up with Crack For Your Eyes

Our brother PRIEST recently chatted with the folks at CRACK FOR YOUR EYES in a question and answer interview. It is, by far, the best interview I've seen in awhile. It's cheeky, in your face and 100% the substance of a good Priest... those of us here at N.R. are eagerly anticipating what's next. Until then, here's the latest in the works and some excerpts from the interview (full link to follow below):
The Latest From Priest...


CFYE: "What was the first thing you put up on a wall?"
Priest: "It was a tribute to Jackson Pollock, but generally Crayola doesn't splatter as well as acrylic, and then my parents buffed it and I got locked up in my crib."

CFYE: "What got you into to street art and what makes you keep on doing it?"
Priest: "An abandoned oil refinery I raided in high school had a stencil that said "TRASH". After spraying it on a wall I was hooked. The stencils I make have changed but they still have that original message."

CFYE: "Do you prefer doing your work legal or illegal?"
Priest: "I generally prefer to ask the person living there if they mind, which most don't care as long as you don't steal their cardboard houses and use them as stencils. But the legality of painting an abandoned eyesore is something I take very serious, seriously."

For a full and fun-filled interview, click here...no HERE

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