18 August 2009

Vigilante Vigilante - Film Trailer...

Enter the lives of anti-artists.

Join investigative documentary producers, Max Good and Nate Wollman on this underground journey into the secret lives of buffers, vigilantes and anti-graffiti advocates in this hard hitting film headed to festivals in 2010. We really delve head first into the topics and issues in public space, property defacement and the differentiation between art and crime.

Explore the points of view in the lives of psychologists, city planners, police officers, public agencies, controversial graffiti writers, and the vigilant citizens who are hell bent of silencing them in this original documentary!

Visit this link for the feature article written about this project at the link below:


Why do we need your funding?

We need to raise additional finances for post production, specifically for the editing process and promotion campaigns! We hope you find this project interesting enough to join us in the effort to help us finish the production on this project. We're working hard with San Francisco Film Society to raise additional capital as well. Our crew aims to make this a quality feature production and have planned this film out from start to finish, the only issue that remains is our need for more capital. We thank you for even considering sponsoring us, and should you decide to do so, we want to thank you with all our sincerest appreciation,

Full budget spreadsheet is available for your review by emailing: natedubb [at] yahoo.com


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