14 March 2008

Allegedly the Work of Fred Radtke - In Part Funded by a Grant Supposedly from Freeport-McMoran


Next time you're thinking about what non-profit to support, consider Operation Clean Sweep. The creator (Mr. Fred Radtke) is down with supposedly paying himself out of grant money while crying (for eleven years) he doesn't have the materials to properly clean-up graffiti. Mr. Radtke says that he receives free grey acrylic primer from Helm Paint Supply and a grant from Freeport-McMoran and the city. Here is but one example of his artwork::

Many of you may know that Mr. Radtke has a lot of negative and untrue things to say about me and has tried to slander me in the press. He has come to my very street yet again to slather his atrocious grey blobs all over the signs in my neighborhood. Fine job, Mr. Radtke...your work is almost complete...you've instigated more graffiti in this city than you have actually eradicated and I encourage you to keep up your five star job...for it is merely feeding the negative wave that is rising up against you.


NoLA Rising has a lot of opinions about Mr. Radtke that is best kept private, but we encourage you all to look at his finest work and think for yourself whether he is helping or hurting your city. This is a link to his finest work: The BLOBSTER.

If you disapprove of what he does: Write City Hall and complain! Write Freeport-McMoran and complain! Write Helm Paint Supply and complain! Call your district N.O.P.D. Quality of Life officer and file a complaint! And if you see the street signs damaged by the acrylic grey paint that is admittedly his signature (a.k.a. "tag"), then please call the city number at 504-658-2299 and tell them the sign must be replaced, as it has been allegedly damaged by Fred Radtke. If you ask, they'll even make a notation on the order as it gets forwarded along.

If you happen to be one of the last bastion of people who agree with what he does, then keep supporting him. I salute you for having an opinion and sticking by those convictions. But, there is a need for meaningful solutions to the problem and his hasn't worked for eleven years.

Oh, this is safe!

All of his hard work is making him famous and notoriously disliked from home owners to business owners, from fine artists to graffiti writers, and from teachers to students...and is making his signature grey splotches more viable for this:
ray ray <3 fred

I'm not asking you to dislike the man or his work and I'm certainly not going to encourage anything against him that is not through legally accepted means...all I am asking is that you pause and think about this as an issue that is truly a non-issue. It is my opinion and the opinion of those in groups in this city that what he does is more damage to the spirit and the culture of New Orleans than any one man alone. I don't ask you to share that opinion, I ask that you form an opinion of your own.


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