11 March 2008

A message from a NoLA Riser with a tale of an Ani Deifranco show!

I just received a message from one of our noble NoLA Risers!

"My friend in FL (who used to live in Nola) went to see Ani Difranco play at a small venue called the Tampa Theater tonite. Apparently, Ani has a home here in NO and she was here for Katrina. If you’re not familiar with Ani, she likes to make little speeches between songs on topics that she feels need addressing. So tonite she spoke a little about New Orleans, how the city is still recovering and how it’s important to continue to support the people and the city in rebuilding. Sarah, my friend, shares my passion for all things Nola and I’ve told her about Nola Rising. So when Ani paused in her speech for a slight moment Sarah felt compelled to yell out “NOLA RISING!!!!!” She was so pleased with herself and the audience response that she called me as soon as she left the concert to tell me about her nite. I got a kick out of it so I thought you might also."

Thanks, keep up the good fight!

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