14 March 2008

FEMA Trailers Invade Elysian Fields - Temporary Art Installation

ReX salutes this thoughtful use of wine boxes in this custom made street installation of FEMA trailers. I think those who made them probably put more care and time into their creation than FEMA did of the real trailers. With the CDC now involved because of the formaldehyde problem with the trailers and the federal deadlines rapidly approaching, we can expect to see over 22,000 cases of homelessness come June 1st. Thanks City Hall! Thanks George Bush! All of your band-aids have really helped on our sucking chest wound! Maybe one day, it'll all trickle down...


  1. These are AWESOME!!! Who did them?

  2. Oh Sweet Judas! Now who will break the news to these wandering little trailers that the Pink Boxes are gone to the recycler?

  3. can we get a legal update soon?

    is there an effort under way to criminalize some of the gray ghost's activities?

  4. hEY E-

    Everything is still grassroots. the person who won't be named has been seen with a police escort that watched him break laws and trespass. so, it's amazing. no clear indication on whether he's paying for the detail or whether it's provided. it doesn't seem as though the law has any interest in what he does illegal and thereby promotes selective enforcement of the laws