29 March 2009

Bobby Jindal Slashes the ARTS! Urge House Appropriations Committee to Reinstate DAF and Statewide Arts Grants Funding


It's Time to Contact Committee Members NOW!

The Decentralized Arts Funding Program (DAF) grants dollars have basically been zeroed out by the Governor along with a significant cut in Statewide Arts Grants (SAG). The Executive Budget presented in March contained only $515,120 for DAF - an 83% cut - down from last year's $2,984,058! Additionally, last year's budget contained $2,611,204 for SAG and that amount was cut in the Executive Budget by $798,624!

The House Appropriations Committee will be meeting on April 2nd which is next week! NOW is the time to act!

The Louisiana Partnership for Arts Advocacy is advocating for the restoration of $2,468,938 to the DAF program that funds organizations in each parish on a per capita basis and $798,624 to the Statewide Arts Grants that provides stabilization, capacity building and arts in education grants to our major arts organizations and local arts agencies.

Send a message NOW asking the House Appropriations Committee members to support out request for the increase in funding.


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