30 March 2009

NoLA Rising Pirate Paint Party

St Roch-paint party 056

March 28th

NoLA Rising hosts a small paint party for Pyrate Week Pirates and fun passer-byers. Yes, that's a word.

The weather had finally broken through and left us this beautiful spring day. More pics can be found in Flickr...

St Roch-paint party 051

St Roch-paint party 047

Special Thanks to St. Roch Tavern and Cafe


  1. that was truly a day of running around, and the calm of painting, and hanging out on the neutral ground? very nice. truly a neighborhood experience that I don't think these folks were expecting. quite nice...

  2. I had a pyratical time painting lovely pics.. the sun was warm.. a chair fer me behind n' a paintbrush.. and of course what does this pyrate paint? bunny rabbits n' pyrate ships... of which i understand ReX liked so he kept it.. LOL lookin' for'ard te it again next year.. with many more pyrates in tow...

    QM Seika Hellbound
    NOLA Pyrate Week Organizer