11 March 2009

Recent Street Art Around New Orleans

It's been a little slow since Mardi Gras and as we gear up for Antigravity's Fashion Show and Expo and a paint party on the 28th in St. Roch, I thought it would be a good time to get back to the roots of NoLA Rising's beginnings. So, here is a little street art seen around town with a few NoLA Rising pieces thrown into the mix. Fresh for your eyes!

Dan Witz
DAN WITZ sharing his realism

GOYA back in town

BORDO rockin' fresh Mardi Gras stuff

Left Behind as a Present to a Stranger
ReX leaves behind Mardi Gras presents

nOla rISinG sOLdiErS oN
ReX leaves behind a presents

Immigrant Prisons!
Immigrant Prisons = Concentration Camps

Ourselves Alone
Ourselves Alone

Mr. Cakes

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