21 March 2009

NoLA Rising Already Receiving Support from Artists! - Ray Noland / Dave Warnke / Starhead / Ken Nahan and Nick Hasslock among the first

NoLA Rising initiated its call to artists yesterday for an art show / fundraiser to help in its quest to launch a murals program in the City of New Orleans. Already committed to the line-up is Ray Noland of "Go Tell Mama! I'm for Obama", Dave Warnke, Starhead, Ken Nahan, Cherie Langford and artisan Nick Hasslock of the New Orleans Tile Co.

Art by Ray Noland:

As we begin to receive artwork, we'll be posting here and on Flickr.


  1. Yay!!!

    Big thanks to Val Webb, my cyber-friend from Mobile.

  2. ya know i'd kill for a warnke